Let’s Talk About Coaching

Solopreneurship is a complex endeavor on its own (especially as the one in charge of EVERYTHING) without even considering the life you live alongside it!

The sheer complexity of it all can often leave you feeling:

  • inundated having to juggle marketing, sales, operations, etc…
  • overwhelmed finding work-life balance
  • unproductive with the time you have
  • fearful about not making enough money
  • unconfident about your knowledge and skills (even when you know you have it)
  • confused on who your target audience is
  • anxious about what others think
  • self-conscious when putting yourself “out there”
  • worried that you won’t have enough clients/customers
  • unsure if you’re doing it right

If you’re familiar with these feelings, then you probably know the feeling of wanting to quit before you’ve started.

These feelings are valid
and also why…

coaching needs to be a non-negotiable part of your arsenal – feelings are freaking experts at giving you wrong directions that you are unconsciously listen to! #ughhh #facepalm

You already possess the boldness
to overcome big things.

There’s proof in your history RIGHT NOW.

You ARE a Bold CEO.

As your boldness coach, I help you see it, believe it, step into it, and accomplish bold things unapologetically.

You’re ready, friend.

You have permission  to meet your boldest self.

What Is Boldness

Boldness coaching is a deeply personalized, co-creative, educational, integrative, and experiential process dedicated to helping you achieve any result you desire as the Bold CEO of your business.

With an emphasis on both business and personal development, our multi-modality approach is based on the belief that when you Step Into Boldness™ you create access to all levels of your life!

The weekly sessions are encompassed with guidance and support where you’ll safely explore your needs and experience deeper clarity, awareness, and self-trust to holistically bridge where you are and where you want to be.

You will create clear goals, chart your steps, execute with boldness, and advocate for yourself when limiting beliefs show up.

As you embrace and trust your boldness you will realize you have been resourced to achieve any outcome you set your heart on.

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.” (Believed to originally be coined by Anne Ritchie)

What Is A
Boldness Coach?

As a boldness coach, I’m the compassionate, unbiased business ally you never knew you needed!

In our sessions together, we will co-create exploration of the obvious and dig to uncover what we don’t yet know to move you forward.

My comprehensive training will help guide you through the barricades getting in your way and lead you to self-empowered solutions in the areas you struggle with:

  • effective time-management
  • workflow organization
  • customer/client acquisition
  • increasing your revenue
  • self-doubt and imposter syndrome
  • setting and honoring your boundaries
  • marketing your business
  • staying in momentum with consistent execution

When the unexpected happens, I get to remind you of your boldness, the impact your heart beats for, and the wins and lessons we have celebrated along the way.

I wanted to start my own business but struggled to move past the thinking and planning stage. I needed a way to move beyond the doubts and step into my role as a business owner. Thanks to Lynne, I am growing into the Bold CEO I want to be! Working with her has been such a gift of discovery, insight, and progress. She has a way of giving voice to what I am thinking and asking powerful questions that encourage me to dig deeper. I not only have a greater awareness but have taken steps to build the life and the work I truly want.


Michele C.

Find clarity  around your goals, connect with the process, and execute with boldness.

Who Is Boldness
Coaching For?

Boldness coaching is for the online business owner who is having a hard time with:

  • perfectionism
  • overwhelm
  • self-doubt
  • imposter syndrome
  • shiny object syndrome
  • comparitis
  • negative thought patterns
  • low sense of self-worth
  • self-sabotage
  • etc…

and knows any of these can affect the results of what they want to achieve in their business.

This coaching is for the one who has a hard time asking for help, tired of doing it on their own, ready to invest in themselves, appreciates honest feedback, and advocacy that slow and steady is still progress.

With Lynne as my coach, I have been supported to explore new possibilities, to uncover my own stumbling blocks, and to slowly make the positive changes that is bringing me closer to fulfilling my dream of being a solopreneur. Lynne is a trusted confidant who is a perpetual champion of my wholeness. I always felt with her masterful insights and curiosity, I was able to push past all fears to move past my roadblocks. With Lynne’s guidance I have forged new territory with all the confidence, strength, and determination. With her as my coach, I am finally building the business of my dreams. ME, a business owner! She helped me step into my own boldness to move my potential into reality.


Judy M.

Everything  you’ve gone through has prepared you for this very moment to take a chance on you.

The Coaching Process


insight consultation

Your free Insight Consultation takes place on Zoom and we’ll chat about what you have in mind for your business, a clear solution to get there, and the value behind it. Together, we will decide if boldness coaching is a good fit or not. Regardless, you’ll leave our conversation with increased awareness on the next step to take to reach your goal.



Once the logistics of onboarding are complete, I get to learn more about you, your business, and your vision as we explore everything deeper. From marketing to sales, boundary setting to mindfulness, and the big picture in detail, the exploration stage holds valuable baseline information and wisdom that will guide the steps you take towards your BOLD GOAL.


forecast + execute

Each session is one step closer to the big picture of your BOLD GOAL. Broken down into session goals, you will address and explore any barriers, identify your resources, and craft action steps that you can boldly execute between sessions.


clarify + implement

The most important work, takes place outside of our time together. As you discover what works and what doesn’t, the information helps you fine tune the goals for proceeding sessions while incorporating any new tools and techniques you’re learning. 



A good amount of time is spent in Steps 3-4 (revisiting Step 2 as needed) as you chip away steadily towards the results you desire.

And, just so you know… we will be taking the time to celebrate each win and lesson along the way! It. All. Matters.

You already have boldness within,

I help you find where it is.

What Coaching Is NOT


As a boldness coach, I am not a licensed health professional and do not have authority to diagnose. Coaching is not to be construed or substituted as psychological counseling or any other type of therapy or medical advice. Coaching focuses on the present to create and achieve a future goal while a therapist works with you on past events to provide healing and recovery. However, it is possible to experience healing as a result of coaching.

advice giving

The coaching process is not designed to tell you what to do, but to help you access and draw from your own rich wisdom and experiences. It empowers advocacy for yourself, problem-solving, and a generative way to make and sustain change with each step. You are in the driver’s seat fully responsible for all decisions and action steps.

quick results

Boldness coaching is an investment in the person who goes after the results they want by becoming the person they need to be to achieve them. It’s taken many years of being conditioned with the thoughts and behaviors you have today and it’s equally as important, if not more, to give yourself the grace, kindness, and time you need to make these valuable changes for long-term benefit.

venting ground

It’s reasonable to want to take the energy generated from frustration or disappointment in life and put it down somewhere. Coaching is a great way to work through difficult situations that can impede on performance. There is no right or wrong about this and the thought I’d like to offer is checking in with yourself to decide if it’s how you want to spend our limited session time together.

Having a business is way outside of my comfort zone already, so when I told Lynne I needed help with confidence, she knew exactly how to help me build it. I discover new things about myself each time I’m with her. I’m even doing things I was scared to do before! Lynne is total a gem. I couldn’t have asked for a better coach.


Carissa R.

You are so bold!

Go ahead, friend.